Our Lifetime Advantages

arrowLifetime Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairslife time exchange
Customer care doesnít end once you purchase your jewellery from us. In fact itís just the beginning of life long relationship. All jewellery sold by E.S. Designs comes with a life time warranty, so you can enjoy your purchase and keep it at its sparkling best year after year.Any piece of jewellery is bound to suffer from minor cosmetic damage and a little wear and tear. Minor repairs are included under your warranty, and whatís more we're always happy to clean and re-polish your piece free of charge.

If you require minor changes to your jewellery, simply contact one of our Customer Service Consultants. We're happy to discuss the options available to you, and let you know what changes are covered by the warranty, and what additional costs fall outside of the agreement. Make sure you retain your receipt, as this serves as both warranty and proof of purchase. Repairs or changes under warranty are carried out at our offices in Vienna. Simply arrange delivery and we will undertake the work before shipping your piece back to you. E.S. Designs recommends that you insure your shipping to protect your jewellery while in transit.

arrowLifetime Ring Resizing Guarantee
As the years pass, you may find that your ring no longer fits the way it once did. Donít suffer with a ring that doesnít fit properly any more. Send it to us for resizing up or down one ring size plus a clean and polish. Itís all part of the serve. †Not only do we restore itís original comfortable fit, but we make sure that your ring is returned to you looking as perfect as it did on the day you bought it.

arrowLifetime Diamond Upgrade Policy
We want to make sure that you get the most for your money. Now. We also appreciate that your circumstances might change and you may want a larger diamond in the future. To make this a little easier and less expensive, we offer the opportunity to upgrade your diamonds larger than 0.50 carats.Upgrading is easy. You can qualify for this scheme as long as you originally purchased your diamond from E.S. Designs, and the upgraded diamond that you choose is at least 50 per cent more than the price of your original purchase. The full amount of your original purchase will be put towards your new diamond, excluding any delivery and VAT.

Our only stipulation is that your original diamond be submitted for inspection by an independent party, namely the OEGV & OEGEMG, prior to upgrading. This policy has proved extremely popular. Stay within your current budget, safe in the knowledge you can upgrade your diamond without breaking the bank as your life style and circumstances allow.