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The E.S. Designs Jewellery Affiliate Program
Its easy. You make money by referring customers to our website. When a customer clicks on the E.S. Designs Jewellery banner or button or text link on your site, and then comes to our website and makes a purchase, you earn a 5% commission. We do all the work. We handle the entire transaction - all of it - all the processing, shipping and customer service. All sales by us to customers that come to us from you are electronically tracked. You can immediately pull up a report of all of your sales and commission entitlement activity on the internet so that you can readily, and at all times, monitor your sales and earnings

Your Commissions
The average order on E.S. Design Jewellery is $800. We have a range of commission packages, however the core public offers are :
* Volume : based on volume of orders starting at 5% and going up to 8% on all products
* High Commission : A Base 5% with up to 20% on a select range of products

On top of this we also offer :
* Bonuses and special bonus programs
* Private Programs (offers) for high earners and super affiliates.
* Fast Support

Each sale made to a customer you bring to us and those brought by an Affiliate that you have brought and who has signed up with us is electronically tracked, and 100% of these results are monitored and are accessible to you on the internet any time of the day or night. The state-of-the-art tracking system provides you with reports in real time to allow you to monitor your sales and commissions. Please note that all items offered for sale by E.S. Designs Jewellery on its website carry an unconditional "no questions asked" 30 day return guaranty, and for any item thus returned, no commission will be paid.

E.S. Designs Affiliate Support
* Monthly "pre coded" news letter with the latest links and offers
* Maximum 24 hour response time to any email Monday to Thursday
* Content Support
* Coupons
* Product Data Feeds
* Banners, text, product links, deep linking, store front links and search boxes all ready and waiting for you to copy and paste.

How Often Do I Get Paid?
Monthly, regularly every month. Payments are made on the last day of every month for all sales completed the previous month.

Its Free. Join Today.

To join E.S. Designs Jewellery please click the button below and sign up.

Not sure or have some questions? Then please drop our Affiliate Manager an email at [email protected]


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